The only yacht maintenance software your crew will ever need

YMP is the world's most simple, effective, and affordable yacht maintenance software. Everyone onboard can learn how to use all the features in less than 30 minutes.

Start saving time and money today for only €650 a year.


YMP (Yacht Maintenance Program) is a cloud-based yacht maintenance software designed with the needs of yacht crew members and management companies in mind. Crew members can conveniently access the software, online or offline, on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone).

Experienced yacht engineers, stewardesses, mates, and captains tailored YMP from the ground up. Our team is committed to raising the standards for the yacht maintenance software industry.

We have seen firsthand the challenges that yacht owners and operators face, and this inspired us to create a software that addresses those challenges.

YMP solves common yacht maintenance software issues. Give your crew the time they need to focus on the essential tasks by eliminating the time-consuming process of setting up new software.

The software includes all of the features listed on our website. There are no hidden chargesOur customers are confident that they are getting the most out of their investment.

  • Wide selection of features for yacht maintenance and yacht management
  • Simple pricing packages: all features are included in one price, no need to pay for additional features.
  • YMP incorporates all the productivity tools yacht engineers have been looking for in software: customized logbooks, equipment management, planned maintenance jobs, spare parts ordering, and more!

YMP is all about the S.E.A.

Simple. Efficient. Affordable.


Our team assures that YMP is simple to use and effective in managing planned maintenance even for those with no prior experience with yacht maintenance software. YMP can help you advance your crew’s efficiency and effectiveness on all departments onboard.

You can access our software anytime, anywhere, online or offline, through our web app.


We noticed that most planned maintenance systems are too complex. Most crew members only use about 20 percent of the features of their current software because it is overcomplicated, while some lose interest in using them altogether.

YMP provides easy-to-follow videos that help new users increase productivity from day one.


YMP is the lowest-priced yacht maintenance software on the market. At only €650 a year, it is a fraction of the cost of other software programs.

However, YMP does not sacrifice quality for price. Our team constantly updates our software with new features and functionality to meet your yacht’s specific needs.


YMP is a simplified and complete yacht management software.

With its comprehensive features and benefits, YMP can help keep your vessel in top condition while reducing yacht maintenance costs.

Reliable Technical Support

YMP provides professional after-sales support. Call or email us for assistance with any concerns you may have regarding the software.

Online training for software usage can also be arranged for your yacht crew via Skype.

Free Updates and Daily Backup​

Updates are included to improve performance, stability and security, as well as additional new features for your YMP onboard.

Daily backup feature ensures your data is safe and secure.

Engineering Equipment and Jobs Set-up​

The YMP team can set up your engineering equipment including planned maintenance jobs and appertaining manuals.

Contact us for more information.