The Inventory feature is a convenient platform for tracking the quantity, location, and condition of your boat's spare parts.

All the information found in the Inventory section is essential for ensuring that you have the right parts on hand when you need them. Your crew can utilize this feature to track the usage of your spare parts, which can help you to identify potential shortages.

This feature can help you to improve the efficiency and productivity of your inventory management. Increase visibility into your inventory to help you to make informed decisions, such as when to order new parts or when to repair or replace old parts.

By tracking your boat’s spare parts, you can reduce the risk of downtime. For instance, if you know that you are running low on a particular part, you can order it in advance to avoid a delay.

Users also have the option to enter all the necessary information such as manufacturer, model/part number, TTL amount held, location name, supplier, and more.