The Jobs feature is a powerful tool that provides access to all the information your crew needs to seamlessly complete every yacht maintenance task.

With Jobs, your entire yacht crew can view all the maintenance tasks for every equipment on board. Users can quickly view upcoming jobs by date or hour and set filters for a customized view. Each department can access this section and individual users can track completion progress real-time.

YMP allows all users to create planned maintenance or unplanned jobs.

Streamline your crew’s workflow and collaborate better. Users can upload documents, images, and other relevant files for all new and existing entries on the list.

In some instances, yacht maintenance procedures require specific steps and YMP made this easy with checklists. This feature is an engineer’s tool to make sure every step in a maintenance job is well-executed and documented.

All users have access to job completion updates and job list printing which can help decrease the time spent on back and forth communication between different departments.