• One-time payment (exclusive of the €650 annual fee)
  • Generator documents are included in the installation
  • Unlimited users per vessel
  • Year-round, 24/7 access to ALL features
  • Online and offline software access
  • Superior technical support
  • Daily backup

The Basic Installation Package is highly recommended for yachts with or without experience in utilizing a vessel maintenance software. We have software specialists who specialize in assisting marine engineers who have just begun transitioning from traditional to digital planned maintenance systems.

YMP helps you organize and consolidate all your available yacht documents into one efficient database.

YMP guarantees improved workflow among your yacht crew from day one!

Our team of software experts will handle the remote installation of YMP including generator documents. We encourage close coordination during the process. You may also contact us for specific requests or software customizations.

Tutorial videos are available on-demand and are embedded within the software for our software users’ convenience.